Tips for Learning Guitar
Selected Teachers

Selected Books

Jamie Andreas [Las Vegas, and lessons by Skype]
Fareed Haque [Illinois, and online]
Michele Horner [Suzuki guitar]
Tobias Hurwitz [Baltimore, and lessons by Skype]
Terre Roche [New York City]

DayJams -- for kids, as described in Guitar Zero
National Guitar Workshop all ages and levels
New Horizons Music adult music education, beginners welcome
Selected Equipment

Traveler EG-1 Electric Guitar, so you can practice every day
The Strobel Rambler, another terrific travel guitar
Zoom RT223 Rhythm Trak Drum Machine, more fun than a metronome, and just as essential
Selected Apps (iPhone/iPad)
Chatternome, my talking metronome
3in1 Improviser, to discover the joys of improvisation, mentioned in the New York Times
Fretboard, come to terms with the guitar's logic.
GarageBand, learn about music by recording your own
Guitar Jam Tracks, great to practice with
irealB, terrific app for learning to play along with chord changes
Karajan, to train your ear.

Selected Websites, a free introduction to music theory, free lessons for beginners, tools to help organize your practice